Speaker & Sirens

100 Watt Speakers For Emergency Vehicle Sirens
Quality speakers are an integral part of an effective emergency siren system. Choose the appropriate speaker below to optimize the effectiveness of your communication set up. All New Model Sirens & Speakers come with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

100W WaterProof Emergency Siren Speaker electronic speaker amplifier speaker & horn

Impedance:4Ω /6Ω /8Ω/11Ω Power:100W Color:Black Frequency range:260-4500Hz Sound pressure :120-130dB

12v electronic siren car/ 100W electronic siren car

The 100-watt siren is a built-in emergency vehicle siren system and vehicle controller, used to connect and power emergency vehicle lighting products and siren control systems

100W electronic alarm siren speaker for police used

Powerful 100/150/200 watt sound frequency, can provide clear sound Equipped with flat bracket installation, easy to install various applications With its stylish design, this speaker can ensure that it attracts anyone's attention on the road.