Low Profile Roof Mount Tow Truck Construction Vehicle Strobe LED Light Bar

  • selo emergency light

  • 5th Generation TIR LED technology – 18 Modules with Four 3W LEDs per head – In total, 108 GEN5 three watt LEDs
  • Sleek design with clear lens for stealth look – Increased vehicle fuel efficiency.
  • Features more than 30 Selectable flash patterns – Includes 12 feet of cable with switch box.
  • Built-in self contained internal flasher fully encapsulated & fully weatherproof.
  • 5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty – Lifetime Customer Support!

Product Features:

  • 56 Generation 5 3 Watt LEDs
  • Sleek design with clear lens for stealth look
  • 15 Selectable flash patterns
  • Self contained internal flasher
  • Last pattern memory recall
  • Includes wire harness for easy installation
  • Magnet Mounts included for mounting
  • Extreme performance in a package almost an inch thck
  • Increased vehicle fuel efficiency
  • Fully encapsulated, fully weatherproof
  • SAE Rated

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