High Quality 36W LED Strobe Emergency grille Light for Police

The LED Strobe Emergency grille Light designed with 3-watt LEDs with 180-degree light dispersion. The LED up to 100,000 Hours lifespan with 2 years warranty.



High Quality LED Strobe Emergency grille Light

The  LED Strobe Emergency grille Light designed with 3-watt LEDs with 180-degree light dispersion,LED Surface mount lights up to 100,000 Hours lifespan

Each grille light uses four 3-watt LEDs, and provides red, blue, transparent, green or amber colors for you to choose, and has a variety of flashing modes, which can flash simultaneously or alternately, and can also be synchronized to obtain For a stronger effect, the included universal mounting bracket makes it easy and quick to install these lights.

The LED surface mount Grille Light, with its sturdy structure, high brightness and easy installation, is very suitable for professionals and volunteers to use grille lights and surface mount lights on emergency vehicles.

Power 36W Flash Patterns 13
Light Source 3W GEN.IV LEDS Waterproof IP65
Operating temperature -40℃~+70℃ Material PC Lens
Color Red/Blue/Green/


Certification CE, ROHS,


Dimension 6″L x2.75″H x 2″D LED Chip Imported Led

Emergency Vehicle Grille lights

The new and improved TB-M5002 Tir LED surface mount grille light is one of our most popular LED warning grille lights with its powerful functions, versatility and robust design. The M5002 LED warning light with 3-watt LEDs with 180-degree light dispersion . In terms of function, it is equipped with multiple flash modes and automatic memory recall function, which can quickly return to the previous flash setting. With multiple bracket options, easy to install and operate, it can be installed almost anywhere, including grilles, license plates, motorcycles, etc.! LED emergency vehicle grille lights are available in amber, blue, red, white and green, which are very suitable for any emergency vehicle.

Now that you have a basic understanding of each type of warning light, all that remains is to choose the type that suits your needs and place an order. Our team of emergency lighting professionals is always ready to help you obtain the one that can best protect your team and community. Warning Light. Visit our website www.hundarled.com  today to see the most advanced models we offer.