100W WaterProof Emergency Siren Speaker electronic speaker amplifier speaker & horn

Impedance:4Ω /6Ω /8Ω/11Ω Power:100W Color:Black Frequency range:260-4500Hz Sound pressure :120-130dB


The 100W WaterProof Emergency Siren Speaker

was built to provide customers with an affordable yet powerful 100-watt , 150-Watt speaker. When pairing this speaker with one of our 100 watt , 150 Watt siren systems, you get a cost effective and extremely loud emergency vehicle siren/speaker system to outfit your vehicle.With weather-proof housing and a clean cone shaped design to project the siren, this speaker provides clear sound frequency and can handle any road conditions, all this while being backed by 2 year warranty. With lighter weight aluminum housing and high efficiency output.