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To ensure the safety of first responders, public safety professionals, and the public by providing the most reliable and affordable warning lights and equipment, delivered fast with the highest level of service.


About Us

Based in Wenzhou, China, our objective is to protect and eliminate first responder’s and public safety professional’s risks while on the job with bright, sufficient lighting. We carry a wide variety of warning lights and sirens for police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, construction vehicles, and more. We also carry a large selection of off-road lights and scene lighting. As you browse our website, you’ll find advanced LED lighting technology and innovative designs for all of your personal and emergency vehicle lighting needs.



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Wenzhou SELO Lights was founded 18 years ago for the sole purpose of bringing equal opportunity to all first responders and public safety professionals to access high-quality warning lights. Charging thousands of dollars for safety equipment to the very same people who were meant to protect us didn’t make any sense. This made it impossible for the small-town department, small business, volunteer firefighter, and all the other everyday heroes to get access to a product they could rely on. The only options for limited budgets were older technology products like strobes or halogen bars because LED technology was just way too expensive.

We’ve evolved tremendously over the years, improving our manufacturing process and facility while maintaining a priority on maximizing quality and performance and cutting absolutely no corners along the way. In 2012, we developed full line LED headlights; Off road lighting and accessories, from LED work light, LED light bar, Wrangler Jeep series lighting, Harley lighting series, so one and forth. We continued to improve delivery times by building and stocking products, so they were ready to ship upon order. We recruited the best people and built support and management teams whose sole existence is dedicated to taking care of our customer’s needs, no matter the circumstances.

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